About Us

Killerwaxx is a grassroots company originally started in the car show scene. It was developed to make it easier for us to use in the field and designed for the car enthusiast.

With all the products we have to offer, keeping your ride clean will be a breeze! From Crystal Blue Car Wash to Pro Finish Vinyl and Rubber Spray, Killerwaxx has everything you need to have your car looking fresh and help keep it that way!

Killerwaxx uses Grade #1 Brazilian carnauba, which is the strongest available. It produces a longer lasting, deeper, brilliant shine.

We pride ourselves on the fact that we use premium ingredients and produce one of the strongest waxes on the market available to the general public.

Killerwaxx has formulated their waxes to work on some of the toughest finishes to wax including, Black, Red, Candy, and Flake.

You can purchase Killerwaxx products through our website, or over the phone.